Group Therapy

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" - Hellen Keller

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" - Hellen Keller


What is Group Therapy?

Group Therapy is a place where peers come together to support and challenge one another in a safe and honest environment. Often times, the group is working towards a common goal, or each individual is working towards a goal. Group members have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers and normalize what is going on in their lives.

How Does Group Therapy Help?

Being part of a therapy group helps normalize our problems and situations, so that we do not feel so alone. Group allows a person to practice certain things with other people, such as practicing social skills, or how to handle a problem. By having more people to lean on, a person can feel more confident in their ability outside group. Confidence is also built by helping other group members.

What does Group Therapy help with?

Group therapy helps with a variety of issues including

  • Social Anxiety

  • Generalized Anxiety

  • Trauma/PTSD

  • Depression

  • Irrational Thoughts

  • School Related Issues

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Identity

  • Reaching Goals

What Does Group Therapy Look Like?

There are different types of group therapies, such as educational groups, processing groups, and support groups. All groups include at least 4 participants. Some groups are more structured, and some groups are more laissez faire, to allow for the participants to guide the group themselves.  The point of being in a group is coming together to work towards a common goal, either individually or as a whole. 

Why Choose Group Therapy?

For some people, individual therapy is all that is needed to meet a person's goals in therapy; however, for people with social anxiety, trauma, and other problems, having more than one person can be helpful. You become supported, while also helping and supporting another.

Fall 2019 Groups

  • Self Esteem for Teen Girls

    • Please contact Julia Rose at 704-912-4095




Davidson Family Therapy is excited to offer groups for adolescents and adults. 

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